3 Superfoods That Helps with Weight Loss

Superfoods That Helps with Weight Loss

In recent years, the word superfoods has been steadily creating a buzz. If you think this concept is new, you’re wrong. Superfoods have been written about and discussed in underground nutrition publications for nearly 30 years.

If you want to shed unwanted pounds and be healthy from the inside out, it’s important that you incorporate these plant foods in your diet.

Quinoa may be what you end up with when you go looking for a nutrient-rich, whole grain. You may not find it in some stores but it’s out there and available. Quinoa, like Kefir, has been prepared as a food for humans for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Rich in protein, fiber, iron, vitamin E and other important minerals – this whole grain is real food. Quinoa has a rich history of providing essential nutrients to populations. Before there was a dieting fad, quinoa was a healthy, whole food for the masses. The selenium and vitamin E plus prebiotic factors in the fiber are all weight reducing and controlling support. Goji Berry is another product you can include in your diet for weight loss and fat burning purposes.

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Bananas are considered superfoods as well and you should eat them daily. Bananas are rich in magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium plus other nutrients. These minerals supply your body with energy and provide support to your heart and muscles. Another amazing property of bananas has to do with research conducted in Japan. The study found a property they called tumor necrosis factor (TNF). Necrosis refers to death or causing death, and TNF has that effect on tumor cells. The study also found a direct correlation between the ripeness of the fruit and TNF concentration. The riper the bananas and the more dark spots present, the higher concentration of TNF they have.

You should eat plenty of deeply colored leafy vegetables and berries. Such plant based foods are so colorful because they provide a lot of important nutrients, many of which have their own colors. Carotenoids, phenols, and a wide variety of other antioxidants are responsible for the color variations. The role of antioxidants in weight loss is quite complex. The types of bacteria living in your gut are influenced by the antioxidants you eat. You could purchase an artificial product that is said to be a metabolism booster. There is no metabolic substitute for a clean gut that regularly processes these healthy foods.

They are also great at fighting unhealthy cells in the body. With superfoods, you can have a healthy diet that not only will help you lose weight but restore your natural vigor as well.

The 3 best superfoods are;

Goji Berry Powder – Organic Raw Chocolate – Maca Powder